Monday, September 20, 2010

SQL Saturday #46 (Raleigh, NC)

This past weekend (09/18/2010) marked the SQL Saturday Event for Raleigh, NC.

It was organized by long time friend Brett Tomson (LinkedIn) and members of the area SSUG, and they did a great job organizing the event.

First, the night before we were able to enjoy a nice dinner at a local place called '’The Pit”. It was indeed some of the best BBQ (Carolina style) that has ever passed my lips.

The day of, I was manning the SQL Sentry table with Steve Wright (Twitter), and we were both able to do a mid-day session for attendees. I did a one hour session called “Recipe for a Happy DBA: A Guide for SQL Server Developers”. It’s basically a talk for developers on how to do things in a way that gets you cool points with your DBA team. I had a small, but very dedicated, group of developers that were interested in the topic, and I hope they had as much fun attending as I had presenting.

Something neat that the hosts of the event did was to plan small giveaways for the end of every session. These were mostly books that were relevant to the track the session was a part of. This was a first for me to see at one of these events, and I thought it really added a nice flare. It also gave more incentive to attend some of the less popular topics.

All in all, I give two thumbs up to the folks that planned and executed for the Raleigh, NC SQL Saturday event. I look forward to more great things to come next time.


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