Thursday, April 22, 2010

SQL Saturday #30: Richmond Virginia

With all the excitement of my first trade show last week, and the mountain of catch-up work waiting when I got back, I forgot to take a moment to talk about SQL Saturday #30 in Richmond, VA. I had the opportunity to deliver my session on “Things You Mom Never Told You About SSMS”, man the SQL Sentry sponsor table and Sit in on a great session about table partitioning called “Loading Data In Real Time” by Mike Femenella.

This was a well organized event, with a great turnout. The folks that attended my session were all very attentive, had some good questions and even had some things to add during and at the end. The event was originally scheduled for January, but wintery weather forced a reschedule to April 10th. There was a great turn out despite that setback, and you really couldn’t tell there had been a setback at all.

In this case, Steve Wright (Twitter) and I got a late start out of Huntersville, NC on Friday, April 9th, and we needed to get back quickly to catch the plane to Las Vegas for SQLConnections Saturday evening. These two circumstances caused us to miss the chance to socialize at the speaker’s dinner and after the event, but I really enjoyed the time we did have there.

My hat is off to Jessica Moss (Blog | Twitter) and her team for a job well done. I am already looking forward to the Richmond, VA event next year.

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