Monday, March 8, 2010

Some Moments Captured in Time at SQL Saturday #33 in Charlotte, NC

Some nice photos came out of SQL Saturday #33 thanks to Ken Teeter from SQL Sentry. I just wanted to take a moment and comment on a few of them. Everyone keep in mind that it’s all in good fun please :)

First we have Motley Crew(L-R: Andy Warren, Steve Jones, Rushabh Mehta, Peter Shire) back on tour, though I’m not sure where to buy tickets:

I think someone just sank Steve Wright’s battleship:

If Mike Walsh ever tells you he can deliver a training session in his sleep, believe it:

This image of Andrew Kelly is OUTSTANDING! (Semper Fi):

Patient-Zero located and identified as Tim Ford. Please inform the CDC:

Aaron Nelson raising his hand to ask the audience a question. Doesn’t that work the other way around Aaron?

Notice how all the other speakers are standing except for Brett Tomson? Slacker…. The guilt is written all over his face:

Karen Gonzalez, Missy Kelly and Peter Shire share a rare moment of peace early on in the day. Thanks for all your hard work!

Again, this is all in fun. I hope everyone enjoyed the event and made it home safely. Until next time,

-Jason R. Hall


  1. You couldn't find a better picture of me huh? There were better ones out on the feed that didn't make me look like the medicated zombie I was!

  2. But dude, then the caption would not make any sense. Why would the CDC be after a nice healthy looking happy person? Unless, maybe you were just the carrier. This could be more serious than we thought. Maybe we should alert the white house.

  3. Haha. I was hoping for a picture I could use on my blog, but no... The eyes were shut. The audience had open eyes, at least :-) They even laughed from time to time.